Property Modifications for Rodent Prevention

"We need to continue to decrease the growth rate of the global population; The planet can't support many more people. " Those were quotes from the Fresh Quotes. With an explosive population, governments, NGO's and agencies have supported the role of birth control. However, a population keep booming in our homes; a growth no government, no agency takes note. A population capable of causing indescribable havoc to the human race:  The rodents. To minimize the possible risks of rodents contaminating your food, spreading diseases and destroying household materials, this article will discuss few modifications of property you can handle to get rid of rodents as much as possible. 

Modifications doesn't promise a total eradication of the population, it promises a heavy reduction and control in population. You need these modifications to prevent diseases such as salmonella (food poisoning), power outage, and even food spoilage control. They can be found anywhere ranging from your garden, garage, your attic and your kitchen. Keep these few tips in mind before starting your home modifications: 

  • Using a poison is a complete bad idea. You'll end up doing much harm to your harm than to the population. 
  • When using traps, place them properly. 
  • A clean and tidy home is required. 
  • For proper eradication, contact a professional vermin control service.


Entry points should be closed up. 

A little spacing in your doors and windows is enough for rodents infestations. Getting a professional help before sealing up vulnerable entrances is close to doing nothing. Use sturdy materials such as strong concrete or steel. In instance you can't modify these spaces, seal them completely. This can be regarded the most important modification. 

A clean environment. 

With a bushy environment, you might suffer from constant "visits". You might have to do a lot of cutting and clearing. You might even have to prune off ornamental plants. Take care of possible habitats: a dirty pile of clothes, a dirty garage or storehouse. 

Block food sources

A constant source of food will keep rodents around for a long period of time. Always remember to properly dispose leftovers, garbage and even crumbs. If they are leftovers you would love to get back to, keep them properly. You can get aluminum foil over jars containing foods. Use solid covers for your food containers. Keep pet foods properly too, rodents eat basically anything. With a reduced food supply, survival of the fittest sets in and you set up a chain of biological reduction. 


You can decide to either use mothballs or peppermint. Peppermint will create a pungent smell that rodents can't stand. Dip in cotton balls in the oil and put it in possible routes of rodents. You can get mothballs at store and can be used in the attic. Ammonia, onions and bay leaf are few other deterrents you can use to repel rats. 


Rats can be found behind furniture close to the wall, do well to move all furniture away from the wall. Your sewer line should be properly monitored; rodents can get in through them. However, what use is the modification when not backed with the proper actions?

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